Category Lettuce

Butterhead- Bibb Dark Green

54-75 days to mature. Dark green thick smooth outer leaves, inside creamy light yellow. Heads compact to 3 1/2 inches. Displays some tip burn resistance in hot weather. Stays somewhat smaller if crowded.

Butterhead- Buttercrunch

50-75 days to mature. This is a Bibb type variety with larger more compact yellow-white hearts. Rosette heads average 4 1/2 inches in diameter with dark-green reddish-tinged thick blistered leaves. More heat tolerant and bolt resistant than many Butterhead varieties.

Butterhead- Dark Green Boston

65-77 days to mature. White Seeds, when not crowded 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches by 5 to 6 inches in diameter. Medium green outer leaves somewhat wavy, should be early spring or late fall planted. Loose heads.

Butterhead- Little Gem

45-70 days to mature. 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches by 4 to 5 inches in diameter. Medium bright green outer leaves turning to light green/yellow centers. Known for it’s excellent flavor, smaller head frequently served whole. Some heat tolerance. Under 6 inches tall.

Butterhead- Matina Sweet

53-73 days to mature. A small to medium size butterhead type. Dark glossy leaves that form a very nice semi-tight head. The interior is a creamy white color with a sweet butterhead taste. The heads are slow to bolt and heat tolerant. Works well in a greenhouse where space is critical. A very attractive lettuce with outstanding flavor.

Butterhead- Tom Thumb

53-68 days to mature. Very small compact head. Outer leaves medium green slightly wavy. Centers creamy yellow. Can be served whole. Great old variety that grows well in pots and patio containers.

Butterhead- Way-A-Head

55-75 days to mature. White seeds, 4 to 5 inches by 5 to 5 1/2 inches in diameter. Compact rather tight heads. Outer leaves thick and crumpled, centers soft, lightly wavy creamy yellow. Excellent for home gardens.

Butterhead- White Boston

57-75 days to mature. Light-green medium-sized Butterhead type that has smooth outer leaves with wavy edges and produces a nice dense mild flavored head. It is an improved Big Boston selected under warmed humid conditions. White seed.

Heading- Climax

No Description.

Heading- Great Lakes 118

68-82 days to mature. White seeds, large medium green heads with light green centers. Leaves are shiny and lightly crumpled. Heat tolerant, Scald and TB resistant.

Heading- Great Lakes Mesa 659

82-92 days to mature. White seed very large dark green solid heads. Small stock and butt. Good heat tolerance & slow to bolt. TB resistant.

Heading- Hanson

66-78 days to mature. Very large light green heads, crumpled frilled leaves. Centers very light colored, heat tolerant, TB resistant.

Heading- Iceberg

60-78 days to mature. Black seeded, medium sized tight heads. Light green waxy leaves with brownish red fringes. Heat tolerant and TB resistant.

Leaf- Amish Deer Tongue – Green

44-55 days to mature. Medium green leaves that have tongue shaped ends. Heat tolerant with good fresh flavor; slow to bolt.

Leaf- Amish Deer Tongue – Red

45-70 day to mature. Light reddish colored leaves with ends that are tongue shaped. Somewhat nutty flavor, good heat tolerance; slow to bolt.

Leaf- Beleah Rose

This new lettuce from our R& D program has been selected for dark color and dark centers. This is a good looking and uniform loose leaf that has great potential for many uses, including multiple cuttings for baby leaf.

Leaf- Black Seeded Simpson

40-65 days to mature. This popular older variety quickly produces an abundance of light-green lightly crumpled juicy leaves. The large upright plants are widely adapted and tolerant to heat, drought and frost.

Leaf- Brigitte

This lettuce is a product of Dorsing Seeds breeding program. It is upright, has dark burgundy-red leaves that are slightly blistered, and has serrated leaf edges, and is outstanding for bright red veins in the baby-leaf stage.

Leaf- Grand Rapids TBR

40-48 days to mature. Medium-large plants form a well-bunched head of wavy frilled deeply cut finely blistered light-green leaves. Good uniformity. Resistant to heat and Tipburn.

Leaf- Green Ice

No Description.

Leaf- Lolla Blondo

No Description.

Leaf- Mesclun Mix "Starburst"

Mesclun Mix is not one single type of kind of salad green, as the name states, it is a mix. The contents of the mix can and may vary. Generally it contains leaves such as baby spinach, curly endive, dandelion, lamb’s lettuce, mizuna, purslane, red chicory, red oak leaf lettuce, rocket, and romaine. It will be a balance of sweet and bitter greens.

Leaf- Midnight Ruffles

This lettuce is another product of our breeding program. This variety is a very dark red, almost black in color, leafy, full in the center, has serrated leaf edges with blistered leaves. Midribs and veins are red.

Leaf- Oakleaf - Green

38-60 days to mature. These upright long-standing plants produce nice tight rosettes of medium-dark green deeply lobed oak leaf shaped leaves. It has very good resistance to hot weather–never bitter.

Leaf- Oakleaf - Red

50-68 days to mature. Oak leaf shaped leaves are medium green with red and green veining underneath a red surface blush that turn a deep burgundy as they mature. Full sun brings out the deep-red color. Some heat resistance. Good regrowth for multiple cuttings.

Leaf- Prizehead

45-50 days to mature. Non-heading broad deeply curved light green leaves with bronze red leaf margins. Plants are 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Center leaves grow upright. Never bitter and great for home gardens.

Leaf- Red Sails

42-65 days to mature. Leaf lettuce, wonderful bright bronze leaves with light centers, sometimes pinkish in color. Gently ruffled bitter free leaves. Tested for very high vitamin content. Does well in cool weather and good for late spring planting.

Leaf- Revolution

A Lollo Rossa type with a good red color. Revolution is slow bolting and has good vigor. Suitable for indoor and outdoor production.

Leaf- Royal Oakleaf

48-50 days to mature. Large loose heads 4 1/2 to 6 inches. Dark green outer leaves with light green to creamy hearts. Very tolerant to heat & known to be bolt resistant; can be used in salad mixes.

Leaf- Ruby

40-65 days to mature. Beautiful deep red leaf lettuce with large frilly savoyed leaves. Centers are bright lite green. Good bolt and heat resistance; white seed.

Leaf- Salad Bowl - Green

49-60 days to mature. Forms large, lime-green rosettes of delicate, tender, deep-notched oak-like leaves. Good resistance to bolting. Relatively good heat tolerance and does not get bitter in hot weather. Baby leaves in 28 days.

Leaf- Salad Bowl - Red

45-50 days to mature. A bronze burgundy red version of Salad bowl also known as Red Oak with the same deeply lobed oak-like leaves and good heat tolerance. Holds its mild, non-bitter salad quality for a long time. Popular with baby leaf growers and can be cut for baby leaves in 28 days.

Leaf- Seafresh

45-53 days to mature. Lighter green leaf than regular Grand Rapids. Leaf is wavy and lightly blistered. Selected for heat tolerance; black seed.

Leaf- Selway

42-70 days to mature. Selway is a tightly frilled, very deep red leaf, lolla rosa type lettuce. Rosette is tight with beautiful lime green to yellow center. Holds well at maturity. Heat tolerant and very slow bolting.

Leaf- Tango

40-42 days to mature. Very uniform upright leaf lettuce. Unique because of the deep cut serrated dark green leaves. Rosettes stay tight and erect. Excellent lettuce for the baby leaf and salad mix market. Leaves are very tender and rich in vitamins.

Leaf- Waldmanns Green

43-55 days to mature. Waldmann’s Green is a Grand Rapids type that has heavier slightly longer leaves that make it popular with baby leaf growers. Light green leaves are large wavy and frilled. Uniform and productive. Baby leaves in 28 days.

Romaine- Cimmaron

56-60 days to mature. Tall cylindrical heads with tender purple/green leaf ends melting to medium green lower leaves. Centers are creamy yellow/bronze colored.  Head size is 8 to 9 inches in height and 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Very bolt resistant and heat tolerant. Excellent for the baby leaf market.

Romaine- Garnet Rose

71-78 days to mature. Beautiful new dark red romaine lettuce. Very upright plant with height 10 to 12 inches. Slow bolting with excellent uniformity. Savoyed leaves. Stays dark red to center of plant.

Romaine- Paris White Cos

50-80 days to mature. This large cylindrical upright plant produces a tight 8 to 10 inch self-folding conical head with light green, slightly savoyed outer leaves with strong midribs. Tender white blanched hearts have great flavor- a must for Caesar salad fans.

Romaine- Parris Island Cos

50-80 days to mature. Upright plants form 8 to 12 inch slightly loose neatly folded heads with dark gray-green slightly savoyed leaves and a creamy white heart. Good uniformity with tolerance to Tipburn, mosaic and bolting. Named after Parris Island off South Carolina.