Category Pepper

Sweet - Emerald Perfection

69-80 days to mature. 4-6 inches bell shaped pepper, sweet tasting. When young green in color and changes to red upon maturity. Plants reach 24-36 inches tall. 2 Lobed. Great fresh, stuffed or pickled. TMV, PV4 resistant

Sweet - Mandarin Perfection

75 days to mature. 5 inches x 4 inches blocky fruit, thick walls mostly lobed, dark green to orange, 24 inch plants with thick stems. Tobacco Mosaic resistant, heavy yielder, widely adapted, developed for both fresh market and processing.

Sweet - Ruby Perfection

Sweet hybrid bell shaped pepper, changes from green to vibrant red. Plants are 24-36 inches in height. Water regularly do not overwater.

Sweet - Sun Bonnet Perfection

71-75 days to mature. 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch lobes. Blocky, firm, smooth fruit. Nice thick walls. Green to yellow in color. Can be grown in greenhouses or in open fields. Plant is 18-24 inches tall with good leaf cover. Good yeilder. Tomato Mosaic Virus resistant.